Adding Yearbooks...

We would like to find and include all yearbooks for everyone to enjoy.

Many people never received a yearbook or lost it somehow and you can help !

One option is to scan the yearbook yourself, the other is to have it scanned by someone else or with a service. The cost to scan a yearbook is about $100. Mission Bay High has 'clean' copies of the yearbooks.

Here are some steps:
  • Create a folder to scan the yearbook into
  • Scan the cover and all pages of your yearbook at 800dpi or greater
  • Name each image scanned in a format that it sorts front to back. (i.e. page001 to page100)
  • Create a CD or DVD that includes all items in the folder and contact us for further instructions

For more information, please contact us via email: Click here to email MBHS Alumni